harlem-shake-vs-gangnam-styleGangnam Style or Harlem Shake? Wondering who had more tweets during their first month on the web? The ghergich&co team gathered data from twitter of the first 30 days that both Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake were available online. The ghergich&co team that is specialized in integrating SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing. They had the help from twitter and now give the verdict.

If you do not remember what Gangnam Style is (A little hard to happen right?!), it is a Korean pop/electronic music video that reached fame worldwide with its funny horse dance.. The video quickly reached top views all over the internet and is still a great success. It boomed out of nowhere and little by little became known all over the world. Psy, the creator of the song, who already had some famous hits in Korea saw his hit reach the parades and it has earned him trips to many countries.

As for Harlem Shake, it is also a funny sort of video that shows people dancing one specific song and wearing funny clothes in places where most people would never think of dancing. It all starts with one person dancing while other people do average things. After a couple seconds of the video, when the song reach its sort of “chorus” these other people start dancing in unusual crazy ways. Many people create Harlem Shakes all over the world, however only a couple ones reached higher fame.

This interesting Info Graphic shows the total number of tweets in general and per country each video received during the first 30 days they were released online, the reactions most of the public had towards each video, the peek each video had online and of course who earned more tweets.

Now take a look at this funny and interesting info graphic and  get ready for surprises!


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