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Google is the pioneer of web search technology. The number of pages just increases every passing day, just like the earnings that Google has. Now, if you have always wondering how Google is able to make its millions here it goes. With more than 33 billion dollars earned last year, Google is worth much more than certain countries in the world. If you are wondering where Google gets all of its money, it is quite simple, from advertisements. More than 97% of the company’s total earnings come straight from ads.

70% of the money earned with advertisements come from adwords, a tool that allows companies advertise with the keywords that are most wanted. Now, the other 30% come from adsense, which allows companies to advertise in certain web pages that they hold more interest on. Every passing day Google wants people to stay hooked online, which means people would stay longer on Google and automatically make Google earn more money. Google investing massively  on ways to make people store and use the internet with more speed every single day. From driverless cars to cities that have optic fiber to send internet all over, Google is taking a huge part of the market.

Although this might seem like a trap for people to enrich Google even more, it is not. Google also has a another goal: To have other companies offer better services to the public. We have to think about it, Google improves their services and also does whatever it can for other businesses to try to keep it up with it. Google is also the owner of some important content websites such as Youtube, Motorola Mobility, Waze, Slide and many others. Google is certainly bound to grow even more.

Infographic source: Best Accounting Schools

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