Online TimeThe “How People Spend Their Time Online” infographic by, a Dubai web design company, it illustrates the activities that Internet users do online. It is estimated that over two billion of the global population are online which is equal to approximately 30% of the world’s population. About 3-4 million years is the global time spent online on a monthly basis.

The average time per month that is spent by a global Internet user  is equal to 16 hours while the U.S Internet user devotes 32 hours every month. The chart that indicates the online population all over the world, with 78% in North America, 64% in Europe, and 58% is Oceania, 37% in Latin America, 22% in Asia and only 11% in Africa. The top countries with the highest online population include United Kingdom with 85%, followed by Germany, France, Japan, United States, Russia, Brazil, China, Nigeria and India.

There are various ways on how people spend their time online. About 22% on social networking sites, 21% spend time on searches, 20% on reading content, 19% on emails and communication, 13% on multimedia websites, and 5% on online shopping. Of course, the popular activities online include emails, using search engines, checking for health or medical information, hobbies, search for directions, checking the weather, information search on buying products, entertainment and buying products.

The top ten most visited websites include Google with over a 153 million of unique visitors every month. Facebook follows with about 137 million unique visitors each month. Other visited websites include YouTube, Microsoft, AOL, Apple and MSN.

There are also interesting facts that you need to take note of. More than 56% of social networking users utilized the social networking sites as a way to spy on their partners. Brazilians are considered to have the highest online friends that range from 481 friends for each user, while the Japanese have an average of only 29 friends.  In China, users typically spend the maximum of 5 hours every week shopping online. Google has over a billion search queries each day. With YouTube, there are over four billion views on a daily basis while content of more than 60 hours are uploaded each minute. For the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, there are over 250 million tweets each day and 800 million updates on Facebook each day.

The highest trends online include location based services, time shifted TV and internet banking etc. Obviously, the least favored trends include professionally created videos, live online videos and user created videos.


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