How-to-Get-A-Better-Alexa-RankingToday, any online business needs to find a way to reach the top rankings on the search results by the major search engines. There are many methods in order to boost the ranking as well as gaining more traffic. One way is to make the most out of your Alexa ranking.

If you want to achieve a better Alexa ranking, there are certain steps to follow in order to achieve success in no time. Finding a way to drive adequate traffic to your website in order to get it ranked under 100,000 can be achieved. Alexa basically measures the traffic that it can see. It acquires sample data from Internet users who installed the toolbar and determines the figures. Take note that it is not reliable on websites that do not have any traffic yet. Additionally, it also gathers data from websites that have the ranking JavaScript added. If you want to acquire more mileage from Alexa, there are ways that you should be familiar with. First, you have to invite your readers to leave reviews on the Alexa website, create a customized version of the Alexa toolbar for your readers and do not game the system.

There are certain steps involved if you want to attain better rankings. The first step is to research and claim. All you have to do is to claim your website and update all the important details. You also have to find your domain in Alexa and check the tour – to familiar yourself on what is Alexa all about. The second step is to add the JavaScript to your website and install the toolbar. The third step is to acquire all the traffic and build the relevant traffic through directory listings, guest blogging, article marketing, and press releases, encourage visitors to share your site, blog consistently, maintain an active social networking and comment on blogs. Check out the following infographic and follow the instructions step by step. Hope it will help you increase the Alexa ranking of your site quickly. The infographic can be found here:

How To Get A Bette Alexa Ranking

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