We send e-mails every single day. We use email to communicate most of the times, in fact we use more emails than any other communication method. If we compare the number of emails sent with the number of phone text messages sent we will certainly be able to get the picture of our current scenario. Emails definitely came to stay.

Today there are more than 3 billion active email accounts in the world. Although most emails sent today are spams, sending emails for friends or even coworkers is a simple and very practical way to communicate. Even though the first email sent back in 1971 only contained the letters QWERTYUIOP, today electronic mail can carry very important information. In average a businessman deals with 121 emails per day, which means that without this great tool many deals wouldn’t become real.

Although we have several different email providers the most famous are Gmail that is shortly followed by Hotmail and consecutively by Yahoo. Even though many providers exist they do pretty much the same. It is known that people share doc files, pictures and even songs through email, therefore today emails are much more of a multimedia tool than simply a way to send a plain text message to somebody.

It might sound impossible, however annually more than 90 trillion emails are sent. Seeing the potential that emails had companies invested in email marketing since it is cheap and it is able to reach people from all over the world. It is expected that by the year of 2016 more than $2.5 billion dollars will be spent with email marketing. Even though social media is growing more than 45% of people believe that emails will never die. What do you think; will emails ever lose their strength? Let’s wait and see what the future of the email holds for it.

Infographic source: Dekh.com


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