Latest Trends in Web DesignHave you ever imagined how much web designers had to change to adapt software to work on mobiles? After all it does not matter where you are, at least one person around you is bound to have a smartphone and access the internet with it. Researches have showed that at least 50% of the world’s total population access the internet through their mobile gadgets.

DESIGNZZZ, a site that offers creative ideas on digital art and web design brought you this very interesting info graphic. It explains what the term “Responsive” means, its growth over the past couple of years and if it is a trend for the future or not.

The infographic also explain us the needs of people who want to surf the web through a mobile device. For instance a mobile device needs to have bigger icons and bigger buttons since its screen is much smaller than the one of an average computer. They also give us information of trends that came to stay! For instance the usage of bright colors to call attention and also the bigger advertisement they are giving brands. You will also see that some old trends are still here and are going to grow stronger! Not only trends but companies too!

The infographic also covers the latest designing elements of a website such as metro style design,  branding, scroll-ability and interactivity. If you are a programming noob you will be able to learn a little bit more of it as well. The infographic explains the kinds of programming languages that are the most successful at the moment as well as the trends that were trends in the past.

Therefore this very interesting infographic will help users understand a little bit more of how websites migrated from big and bulky computers to the touchscreen of a mobile phone or tablet. It is a fun way to learn more about latest design trends and their usability.


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