making money from viral videoHave you ever imagined that people make real big money out of some videos posted on the video sharing site called Youtube? If the answer was no, then this interesting inforgraphic will help you understand which were the most profitable crazy videos that made their producer just move on and get rich! This nice infographic brought to you by that shows the top video up loaders that earned over  100.000 dollars in 2010, by only posting their videos on Youtube. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Some of the most famous viral videos that gave their creators a very nice, and fat revenue were, The Annoying Orange, Smosh, Nigahiga and The Young Turks. These were independent videos created by independent people, now there were some other videos that were a simple boom when it came to revenue. Remember Korean singer Psy and his hit Opa Gangnam Style? Well this was one of the most profitable videos on the history of Youtube! What about the cute baby that bits the other and laughs? Well this was also a fever online! As crazy as it might sound these are the videos that make the biggest revenues online. Because people watch many times and people from all over the world access it and it is like a viral fever that spreads from one person to another.

Some of the accounts that have more views are Machinima, Freddie W, FPSRUSSIA and Epicmealtime. If you are wondering where all of this fortune comes from then well, they come from advertisements, nothing else. The more people see the advertisements on the videos the more the people that made the videos earn. It is a simple process that gives both parties a lot of revenue. Check this neat infographic and learn even more on how people make money and who is making the most out of their Youtube accounts.


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