WordPress and SEO also have their own secrets. Do not worry, these secrets are not hard to understand! Thanks to this interesting and extremely informative infographic brought to us by Rightway Solution, we can easily understand some of the main tips to help our small company grow while using WordPress. Get ready to have your small business boom on the web!

Tip number one is, when creating your website make sure you choose a WordPress theme that is compatible with your business. It makes the whole difference when your clients are actually visiting your site. The next basic step is to actually create and classify the content accordingly (adding meta headers, titles and descriptions.). This will help your website rank better.

The next step is to install a social network plugin in your site, that way you will have your site all over social media! If people like your article they will share it on Facebook or even give it a Tweet! Have you ever thought about how many people will be able to know your business? Invest in this tip. In order to make your site even more interesting also make sure you add related images and also give them the right description. Pictures are also important when we are talking about page rank.

In order to improve your site and also understand how it is generally doing on the web also make sure to have a Google Webmasters account. With this great tool provided by Google you will be able to analyse a series of things regarding your website. For example you will be able to see how it is doing with ranks, number of visitors and also other things.

These were only of the few great tips that you will be able to find on this cool infographic. What are you waiting for? Start promoting your site now!

Wordpress SEO Tips Infographic

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