social media demographicsToday we will look at an infographic on Internet users who utilize social networking tools. You might be surprised with the statistics. Millions of people all over the globe use social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Based on the percentage, 67% use Facebook, 16% use Twitter, 15% use Pinterest, 13% use Instagram and only 6% use Tumblr.

Based on gender, it was discovered that women are five times more likely to use Pinterest than men. On the other hand, the preferred social networking tool was still Facebook for both men and women. Based on age, the commonly used social networking site is Facebook. When it comes to the age group of 18-29, it has the highest number of users that gradually decreases as the age group increases. When urbanity is the chosen factor, those who live in the city are more likely to use Twitter than those living in the rural areas. In the urban areas, majority of individuals use Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram. In the suburban areas, Facebook still ranks as the main choice and followed by Pinterest. As for the rural areas, Facebook is still at the top and followed by Pinterest. Overall, Facebook is always the main choice.

In terms of educational background, Pinterest is the preferred choice by affluent women who received higher education. Those who finished college and higher education courses still prefer Facebook, followed by Pinterest and Twitter. Individuals who finished 2 year college courses prefer Facebook. Users with an educational attainment less than high school or only a high school graduate use Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram. Just like with urbanity, Facebook is still the main choice.

When it comes to household income, Facebook is still the preferred social media option!

Infographic source: ADWEEK


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