Brought to you by this interesting infographic will show you more of the real costs that  a startup has when it comes to paying the professionals that creates it. Although some people believe startups are cheap to create it is important to remember that the professionals behind it often take months until the startup is actually ready. To illustrate such information we will see the costs of hiring 2 web developers and 1 designer and also add the value of a rented office to the pack! Will the startup end up cheap, or expensive?

We will have access to the total spent in a year with these 3 professionals as well as with the rented office. Eight cities were analysed and the findings are quite impressive to know. The most expensive  city would be Zurich and the cheapest one would be Manila. The highest value was over $300.000 thousand dollars whereas the lowest value was less than $50.000 thousand dollars. It is impossible to compare Zurich and Manila, since they are completely different areas with totally different cultures and economic situation, however it is very interesting to notice how big the difference in values can be. The yearly cost will be shown as well as the amount spent with every single professional and also the office rental value.

This infographic helps us understand that creating a startup may be cheap or may be expensive, depending where you are. It is one of the reasons why some people end up hiring third parties from these countries to have the job done. Money is saved during the whole process! In case you would like to know the price of the startup in a year make sure you check this enlightening infographic. You will certainly get a lot of nice information from it.


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