The internet has been abuzz recently about changes coming to the Google search algorithm in the form of Google Hummingbird. Webmasters are concerned because any change to the search algorithm is a big deal for their site. The majority of visitors to a website come from search engines, and there’s no denying just how popular Google is as a search engine. So far, there hasn’t been too much information released about Hummingbird, and what has been released hasn’t been specific.

What is Known

Google is advertising Hummingbird as being the biggest update since 2001. Hummingbird has been designed to cater towards mobile users as well as PC users. Lower ranking websites don’t have anything to worry about, as the changes are mostly centered on larger websites, as well as getting rid of fake websites or other types of malicious websites designed to trick users. As with most updates, Hummingbird is also designed to make searching more efficient and provide more information then just a website name when performing searches.

Changes to Searches

Perhaps the biggest change that Hummingbird has been advertising is shifting the focus away from keyword searching and instead working on what is being called user intent search. For those that are unaware, the current search algorithm relies heavily on keyword searching, which is simply based around looking for results based on whatever words the user enters. This seems like an efficient system, but it can also be a little vague, showing results that might have the keywords in them, but are the opposite of what the user was searching for.

For example, if a user was having trouble with their mouse, they might search for something like “mouse fix” and end up getting results from a bunch of other sites where users are posting about their own mouse problems and asking for fixes, but not necessarily having any fixes listed. The goal of Hummingbird is to add a little more context into searches, so a search for mouse fixes under Hummingbird would ideally display solutions instead of just bringing up sites where users are posting their own problems.

Hope the attached infogrpahic will help you understand more about Google’s Hummingbird update!


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