This informative infographic brought to you by Top Management Degrees will show you some interesting ways high tech companies management system works. For those who do not know the definition of management is nothing more than to organize and coordinate the activities of a company in order to achieve pre-defined goals. New tech companies have adopted the new management method. This method is much better because it is believed that increasing the collaboration of employees and keeping them closer to each other will improve the results and also provide the workers a much nicer and healthier work environment. It is simply a must to follow such trends. One great example of a big tech company that has adopted such method is Google. The headquarters that will be finished by 2015 are shaped as an infinite loop in order to keep the workers within closer reach. They are supposed not to spend more than 2 minutes and a half when trying to find each other within the building.

Studies say that every 100 feet of shared space the collaboration within that area raised 20%! These companies also offer great things for the employees, thing such as free rental cars for running errands, employees may bring pets to work, use Google products before they are actually released, nap pods, the opportunity to take extended time off, get massages if the job is accomplished successfully and so on. In fact each company offers different extras for the employees (for example if you work at Facebook you will have the right to go to a candy shop!). Such features give more incentives to the employees that way they will have the compensation that they want and will feel much better to actually work. Not only is this good for the employee himself but it also is for the company that will have a much happier and much more productive team of workers.

management style of tech companies

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