Launching an advertisement campaign on Facebook has slightly changed over the last few months. Thanks to a brand new ad platform advertisers now need to better understand the advertising methods before actually publishing anything on the social media network. Those who have done it is in the past without researching and knowing more about the methods failed completely. First of all we have some different ad types, they are :marketplace ads, sponsored stories, page post ads and promoted posts. Thanks to this great infographic, brought to us by, you will have access to a very interesting table that will explain everything of each category. You will be able to learn more about each categories ‘content, their location, your target public, if it will show on mobiles, where you can get them and what is the work-of-mouth leverage.

In case you would like to know which kind of advertisement method is the top favorite of the public, then here it goes: The marketplace ads. The marketplace ads were actually the only option people had on Facebook a little while ago. This type of advertisement includes a headline a short blurb of copy, and a picture. This used to be the only option for Facebook, however even with the other new options people still would rather stick  with this one. Before you decide to launch any kind of advertisement on the social media network, make sure you research well and understand what is the right option for you and for your business. Many people have failed because of not researching properly. In case you do not want to become another failure on this niche make sure you check this infographic out for very good guidelines. You will definitely have a much better notion of what to have on your campaign! Say goodbye of wasting money, get ready to earn more now!

Image credit: The Nonprofit Facebook Guy


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