SEO-ranking-factorsThe Periodic table of SEO ranking factors that is attached below is very useful if you want to improve your SEO efforts. It is a known fact that SEO is too complicated to fully understand, but remember there is an explanation. Search engines typically recognizes web pages that have the appropriate combination of ranking factors, thus you have to take note of these major factors or signals.

There are two main ranking factors – on the page SEO ranking factors and off the page SEO ranking factors. First are the on the page SEO ranking factors which is categorized as content, html and architecture. These are elements that are in direct control of the publisher. For the content, it includes quality, research, words, engage and fresh. For the html, it covers the titles, description and the headers. Lastly, for the architecture, it includes crawl, speed and URLs. The off the page SEO ranking factors are those that are subject to the influence of the readers, visitors and other publishers. It includes the links, social, trust and personal. Links should emphasize quality, text and number while social covers the reputation and the shares. As for trust, it includes the authority and the history while personal covers the country, locality, history and social.

There are also blocking factors in which searchers might block a particular site. As a result, it can greatly affect the trust and personalization factors. The severity can be determined by the number of people blocking a site from the search results and if someone has blocked a particular site from their search results.

Of course, there are violations such as spam methods that can result in penalty on the ranking or even end up being banned. There are certain qualities that can lead to violations such as thin or shallow content, excessive use of words on the webpages, design or color scheme that hides words, showing search engines a different page than the actual viewers, paid links and creation of many links.

Overall, all the SEO ranking factors can influence one another. Of course, there is not a single factor that can guarantee a website to reach the top ranks. Take note that several of these factors can help boost chances of success while the negative factors simply harm any chances of achieving success in the rankings.

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