This time oBizmedia, a group specialized in creating infographics brought to us an interesting infographic about the usage of social media in schools. We all know that children and teens spend most of their time tweeting, liking posts on facebook or even doing some research. Parents and schools saw that it was simply impossible to beat the system and decided to finally join it. Now parents, schools, students and social media are connected to such an extent that students can benefit from it.

Of course students spend a lot of time using the computer for entertainment, however when school essays appear they also use the computer to solve the problem and deliver the teacher their homework. Using social media at school is good for both parents and students because both parts get many benefits such encourages collaboration, knowledge network, the communication between students and professors increase, cross cultural dialogues, good attitude towards technology and much more.

Who said facebook could not be used to study? Many students have groups online in order to share ideas and help each other while studying. Students update the pages daily and share tips in order to improve the way they deal with school. Teachers also connect to students and guide them whenever they have doubts. Teachers may also post tips and other materials online so students can benefit from it.

This whole technological environment allows parents to know how their children are dealing with the internet as well as are able to know how their children are growing. It is definitely a great way that teens and children in general found to learn while they have fun. Children relate to their friends as well as share ideas and their own knowledge.

Other tools other facebook can be used. We can find several different educational blogs, twitter , pinterest and much more!

social media in schools

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