Have you ever wondered what some of the top SEO mistakes are like? It might seem like strange however most of the top SEO problems can easily be avoided if you give it good attention. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems when dealing with SEO. You will see they are pretty simple to avoid!

  • Links: Having unnatural links all over the place will be of no help. Creating spam on forums and blogs to have links is not a good way to optimize your site.
  • Cloaking: Showing a page to Google bot and another page to the visitors is also a mistake many people do. You can easily get discovered if Google bot accesses your site while not identified.
  • Stealing and copying content: We all know creating a site is tough work, however stealing other people’s work is a crime! This will certainly not help you build your rank on Google.
  • Spinning content: Google is better at finding spun content. If you deliver your viewer spun content he will probably have a bad experience and never go back to your site again.
  • Keywords will not save your site: It is always important to know that keywords are not able to do all the magic! If the user does not find reliable content in your site he will not come back. Even if you have the keywords that the users need, if the content does not have quality it will be impossible for your rank to build up.
  • Spam Google Maps: Spamming maps will certainly not help you, especially when Google finds out what you did. It is much better to build trustworthy links rather than fake facts.
  • Creating small sites: Ever since the Panda update, creating small almost content free sites will not help you build your bigger site. Now Google is getting rid of these content thin web pages.
  • Selling links: Buying or selling links is not a good practice at all.
  • Too many ads: The more ads you have the worse it will be for your user. Google is now really trying to get people who have little content combined with many ads.
  • Creating different sites to rank the same business: Google can find it manually or automatically; there is simply no way to get away from it. If Google finds out that people are creating several different sites to promote a certain business it will lower the ranking of all of them.


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