When released any sort of advertisement online companies expect to advertise in the right place so people manage to see it as much as possible. This interesting infographic brought to us by Chartbeat and managed to find out quite a few interesting facts when it comes to how people truly see ads on the web. Most people believe that the ads that more people get to see are the ads that are at the very top of the page: MYTH! The true fact here is that over 25 million user sessions across the web were analysed and the impressive fact about the analysis was that most people are not interested at the top ads but at the ads that are just above the fold. In fact people will see ads on parts of the page that they spend most of their times at, and not at the very top as most presume.

It is also true that 34% of the user sessions analysed did not even show any good results for the advertisers because: 1) the user did not even spend enough time engaged at the page’s content to notice the ads and 2) the user was not really interested in the ads. It is always important to understand that not everyone spends their time distracted with the advertisements of a page, however if you know where to put your ads people will be most likely to at least see it in an indirect way. This infographic will also provide us a very useful table that looks like a web page and will give us the exact places where most people spent their time. You will definitely have more chances to call the attention of the public if you read such infographic! It is simple and extremely informative. Advertise the right way now!


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