Why blogging mattersHave you ever wondered some of the reasons that make blogging really matter? If you did not get to any conclusions this interesting infographic will help you understand some real and solid reasons to why blogging matters. Thanks to Incion.com, a professional web design and web development company for helping us understand the main reasons of the real importance of blogging.

First of all we will notice that blogging has a strong influence over marketing and social media in general because people use blogs to research, share thoughts or even to simply ask for good recommendations. Nowadays most companies have blogs and the more they update their blogs the more clients they will fish. Around 60% of the people that take a look on blogs end up purchasing the product. Blogs are also an escape for those people who do not have the guts to speak out loud in real life. It also enable people to speak what they really think of a product, service or even company. This allows other users to feel more secure before actually purchasing a service or product.

Blogs are also a great way to connect companies with their clients. It is an easy and quick method to exchange ideas and opinions about several products, companies or even services provided. Blogs can influence readers a lot. We can notice that about 15% of people end up being influenced by certain things they read over blogs. It is also nice to understand that blogs are also a nice and healthy place for discussion. We can share our ideas and opinions and also get some real great tips about certain products and services. Therefore blogging really matters because we can count with its help before actually making a decision.


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