content for SEOMajor search engines aims to provide the ideal user experience, which simply means that websites that offer good quality and informational content will get the most visibility. By investing on original and high quality content is important to SEO success in the search scenario while the benefits that can be gained by generating user-friendly content will go beyond the rankings. Due to this, about 75% of marketers who have tactical SEO campaigns invest on the creation of content.

With the Panda Factor, it aims on helping marketers find good quality sites by minimizing the rankings of low quality content. Remember that content is responsible for driving Google organic traffic. Do not forget the social is SEO while content is social. Almost million pieces of online content are shared on a daily basis. When it comes to the brand effect, it basically tells a story, thus stories depend on the content. About 50% of consumers are inclined to click on a search result if the brand shows up several times on the result page. This is why it is important to create a website that stands out in order to become an authority in your chosen niche.

Content is also responsible for converting search and the visitors.  More than half of consumers are inclined to buy goods from businesses that provide custom content while a similar figure of business-related decision makers claims that a branded content helps make better product decisions. Almost half of consumers claim that blogs can impact their buying decisions while marketers were able to gain new clients through their blogs.

As for the perspective of online marketers on SEO, there are predicted values on the search factors. The paid links should be judged based on their effectiveness.  The ad content ratio has an impact on the balance of the advertisements and the content. In terms of the site interaction, emphasis should be given on the bounce rate, CTR and many more. The content should be readable, relevant and useful to consumers. Lastly, social signals greatly depend on the content offered. Overall, online marketers are investing up to $12.5 billion when it comes to online content.

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