Many people wonder if owning a .com domain is enough in order to have your web site always working good and having no issues with Google and its guidelines. Well, opinions may vary, and it also depends on what you need.  It is always hard to decide certain things when buying a domain and releasing your own web page. It is needed that you and the team of developers that work with you know that some things are considered correct, and others incorrect. For example, if you have many domains under the same IP and all of them have some sort of backlinks to your website, then you will probably get penalized by Google because technically it is not legal. Having only a .com domain is a matter of option, however next on this article you will be able to get a few tips on what to do in this situation.

Some people wonder if only buying a .com domain is enough for their business. For example, if you try buying imaginary you will certainly wonder if anyone owns, or even Cookies. Org. It is important to know if they exist because you might get competition from these people, or even have your site “forgotten” because, let’s suppose is already very successful. Well, there is an easy way to solve this issue. Most people usually buy the domain that is most likely to be more successful (. Com usually) and guess what? They also buy the other domains (such as .info, .org, .net and others). Now you must be asking yourself, why would a person need so many domains under the same name, how could this be of any use to a website to skyrocket. Well, the answer is quite simple. When you purchase the domains only one will be bought for a longer period of time. The one that should be bought for 3 years or more is the .com domain, and the other domains, such as .net and .org should only be bought for around 1 year. Do not worry, you will not have to keep all of these domains with you for long. You can have a main one and even a secondary one later, if they reach all of your expectations. Moreover, when there is a popular .net, you may get some traffic form that .net domain to your .com domain.

That should be done because you will only keep the web page that offers you bigger chances on the internet (usually the .com domain is chosen.). Then, after a year the other secondary domains can be forgotten. Now, if some of these secondary domains offer you big chances nothing will hold you from renewing it and keeping it for longer. You never know what will be hot in a year or so, so it is advisable for you to always keep a close watch to all of your domains, after all you do not want to miss the chance to grow and increase your revenue right? So, buying only a .com domain is a matter of taste, however the most advisable thing is to buy similar domains not to have issues on the future, when your web page explodes. This will ensure you a nice future without issues.

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