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JQuery is a JavaScript library whereas Dojo is a JavaScript toolkit. Both are Open Source software.  JQuery provides the easy interaction between HTML and JavaScript through JavaScript Library. It is used for handling events, creating animations, reading and manipulating HTML document and creating Ajax application with Ajax and PHP. On the other hand, Dojo is used for creating dynamic web user interfaces by providing widgets, high level Input and Output abstraction and utilities. JQuery is licensed by MIT and it was started at Rochester Institute of Technology in January 2006 by John Resig. Dojo is licensed by BSD or AFL and it was released in 2004 by Dylan Schiemann, David Schontzler and Alex Russell. JQuery allows the customization of plug-ins library on top of inbuilt JavaScript libraries. On the contrary, Dojo enables rapid development across platforms between JavaScript, Ajax and web applications.

For the comparison of jQuery vs Dojo

  • JQuery provides User Interface libraries with many useful functionalities. JQuery is easy to use and customization feature is making it popular and adoption is all time high. Alternatively, Dojo toolkit provides the features of widget toolkit. It also comes with the feature of 2D vector drawing, 3D, drag and drop support of tree widgets. User interfaces that are dynamic in nature are created by using this toolkit.
  • One of Jquery’s killer features is its compatibility with many web languages like PHP, ASP, CGI, Servlet etc. Dojo is JavaScript and HTML based toolkit. Dojo has achieved 40,000 downloads around the world.
  • As far as usage of Jquery vs Dojo is concerned, Dojo is a rapid development toolkit for web oriented software on desktop and mobile and internet applications without using the browser’s inbuilt graphics technology. Dojo is being used by all the popular internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and on smart phones and tablets by Apple (iPhone, iPad) Google ( Android) and BlackBerry. Generally, JQuery is used mostly for the web application and dynamic web pages. JQuery is being used by Wikipedia, WordPress, BackBone etc. The JQuery can be downloaded from whereas Dojo Toolkit can be downloaded from

For the DOM (document object module) features on Jquery vs Dojo, JQuery provides the selection of one or multiple element and group of Document Object Model DOM elements. And can customize the properties of DOM element like hide, show, add, subtract, find DOM element and many more. On the other hand, Dojo provides the functionality of connection between DOM element and function of Dojo easily. Dojo contains many DOM elements, HTML, SVG and Style packages with handling and manipulation power between DOM and SVG.

So when it comes to JQuery vs Dojo, we may conclude that, JQuery is better than Dojo because:

  • Dojo provides many customizing options but it is a bulky and heavy toolkit whereas JQuery is a light weight with 19K compressed base libraries.
  • Dojo requires a higher network bandwidth than JQuery.
  • At present, the Dojo toolkit is not well documented and the tutorials are less, making it difficult to get in-depth help with development. For JQuery, as many documents and tutorials are easily available out there, it will be the best option to get started.
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