cloud computingCloud hosting allows you to use unlimited machines as a single unit. Cloud computing provides you easy integration of external resources to use when you need them via web. This means users are free to move away from using software as a product, instead they are given a platform to use software as service (SaaS). Users are given interfaces of softwares to access data processed online.

For small to medium-sized businesses costs always remain a high concern. If you are an entrepreneur with IT set-up, cloud hosting providers would charge you only for power that is consumed by you. This gives more satisfaction to users because they pay only for what they use. Small businesses normally use limited bandwidth; they have not to pay for unlimited server resources just like in conventional hosting. So, small to medium sized businesses should quickly move to cloud hosting.

Accessibility is another major concern of all businesses including small to medium sized. Cloud based apps are installed on single machine which is live 24 x 7.  Small business owners are always on move, they can access their business activities outside their business premises.

The shift towards cloud hosting seems natural as we can conduct our regular activities in cloud to take advantage of innovative technology. For small businesses, yes there is reason to move towards cloud hosting because cloud hosting is efficient, reliable and cost effective. Another reason to shift to cloud hosting is that focus of small businesses is also on up-time of their websites. Even if you have single webpage, you do not need to worry about down-time of page. Recovery time in cloud hosting is faster than traditional hosting.

For a micro business having e-commerce set ups or those trying to set up their web shop in short period of time, cloud hosting atmosphere provides an improved protection to private information of clients buying goods and solutions from e-commerce store. This improved privacy protection level increases the trust of clients.


Smaller companies should go for cloud hosting otherwise they would lose the benefits of innovative technologies because they are unsure how their business would work in cloud environment. Another reason is, cloud computing fits the needs of all level of organizations because of scalability, affordability, adaptability and accessibility.

Author Bio: Nauman Lodhi is a Digital Media and Marketing Professional. He writes on digital life issues. Here is one of his blogs which aims to help users fix Error 2032 in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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