JIRAIncrease in the momentum of product development has led to invincible cycles of information management, data processing, adding custom features, managing work sheets, coding, troubleshooting and more. Issues occur at each phase of software development and inevitably, at the end of the day it is important to track issues, bugs, brainstormed ideas, action points, minutes of the meetings etc. With JIRA from Atlassian, you can track issues and capture deliverables and other requirements of the project with ease.

Plan your modus operandi
JIRA helps you to effectively plan your work by helping you sort out chunks of work depending on their stance. You can classify what’s been proposed, what’s pending for quality analysis, or even categorize if it needs to be tested. It helps to quickly understand what your team requires the most and helps you complete the job using a scientific approach.

Easy-to-use interface
The easy-to-use interface of JIRA gives you immediate access to what is required at the moment, what you actually need to collaborate with your team mates to convey about the happenings, or share a screenshot, a piece of code, and much more. You can take advantage of e-mails, chats, and RSS feeds to ensure that you are updated about what’s going on.

Monitor everything from a single panel
Post on activities, dashboards, get instant access to streaming activity, and get to know all the happenings with the aid of a single and intuitive interface. Consolidate, manage, and track bugs and issues coupled with access to multiple desktop clients, mobile applications, and other plugins with ease.

Integrate code with JIRA
Manage repositories, collaborate without firewall intervention and get to track code along with the changes made. Track the real time changes, progress that have been made and navigate between these things and the source with the mere click of a button.

Generate reports with ease
Besides project tracking, generate reports, filter what’s required and organize favorites to keep project activities on the go and set out priorities as you would require. Additionally  you can customize your processes and set out typical workflows for bug tracking and development with ease, ensure that your process is adaptable to the quick changes that evolve and can be tailored to suit individual sub project or project needs.

Customize with add-ons of your choice
With more than 150+ add-ons to choose from, you can tweak JIRA as per your project requirements. You can choose to browse the various add-ons, find and add them to the application or use the in-built plugin manager to update them. Easily develop and build your own add-ons using the default APIs from JIRA 5.x. Also manage remote add-ons using the REST APIs from JIRA.

Get the big picture
Get a holistic picture of your project with custom fields, workflow details, events details and more. Track projects, configure custom streams of activity, and get them right in to your JIRA dashboard more effectively. Capture, update, and organize work flows, stay up-to-date and perform more with the aid of JIRA and the wide range of plug-ins to choose from Atlassian.com.

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