is the most popular name in the web hosting arena with a following that is several times more than the next most popular web hosting site. It caters to over 45 million domain names. Apart from hundreds of features (including a Godaddy email server), it also holds auctions for the most sought after domain names.

Website Control Panel
It has a feature rich control panel that serves most functions and hosts most utilities you would ever need for your website. The website control panel has tools to add image carousels and montage and integrate the website content with Open Table. It doesn’t allow Google Maps support, but you can add a slice of Mapquest. But the downside of it is that the tools are not nearly as simple as they could be; the simple text editor has five sections with settings, all strewn over the page haphazardly. These are but a few of the complications in the UI.

The hosting package offers blogs, databases and you can also avail the benefits of Godaddy email server. Apart from the basic package, there are plenty of add-ons and features along with it. The sheer volume of apps that come along with Godaddy beats all competitors hands down, but to access many of these tools you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. For example, you will frequently see ads like ‘Add free security for $3.99’ or ‘Add a blog for $4.99 a month’. This deters a lot of users because website hosting sites like Weebly or Jimdo have a much more straightforward fee structure. But if you don’t need a database or access to Godaddy email server, there should be no problem for you.
The cheapest subscription plan, the Economy Plan, gives you 10 GB of storage. Most ambitious websites would quickly spill over the storage space and an upgrade would be required. The Deluxe Plan allows you 150 GB storage and there is an Unlimited Plan as well.
Mobile version

Mobile Version
Mobile version of websites is another useful feature of Godaddy. The mobile version of the websites is essentially the same as desktop versions. There is an option to add ‘mobile pages’ to your existing website, so that it can be viewed by Smartphones. To add a mobile page, go to your web builder account, click on Design Your Pages, then click Pages and finally select Add Mobile Page. Select a Blank Page to build a completely new mobile page or Copy of Existing Page to convert one of the pre-existing pages into a mobile version.

Taking into account all the features provided by Godaddy, it is perhaps not the best website hosting website because several web hosting sites offer more at cheaper rates. But Goddady’s email server, its help and support service is especially laudable. The setup is pretty straightforward and management is quite efficient. So overall, I would suggest to webmasters who are yet to master the technicalities of some other complicated control panels and are better off with a hosting site doing most of the job for them.

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