link building for blogsEvery busy site owner or marketing manager always looks out for easy links. A constant effort is made with aim to get the most number of hits with minimal investment.  White hat link building does take a lot of effort and time unlike the black hat procedures. For any blogger seeking higher rankings to be a part of an internet strategy, link building is very important.

Inbound links are considered as a powerful asset. Off-page SEO is generally accountable for a greater part of a web page’s ranking for any particular keyword and building relevant incoming links from external sites. While link building is a very critical task, it also is a decision of the website which is linking in.

The basic link building tactics for blogs are :

It is a constant debate between not enough and too aggressive. A balance needs to be maintained while creating the link building strategies. There are various tactics which can be used for building these links.

1) The use of Infographics

These are more visually appealing pieces of information such as charts, graphics, slides, etc. which help a reader basically read faster and understand better. Since inforgraphics contain a much wider range of data, they would contain many more viable links resulting in a much higher audience. They are like watching a serial on the internet.  Just like guest blogging, infographics are becoming more and more popular and are helping blogs create more shares. A good infographic is shared by people and help in creating back links.

2) The use of eBooks

An eBook is another great way to invite links to the page. Just like infographics, when an ebook is written right and has all the associated keywords, not only does it become a great source for readers, but also for sharing which would mean many more links.

3) The use of Guest Posts

“Sharing is caring” as the saying goes. Another way of gaining great links and improving traffic is by writing guest posts on other sites. Allowing other bloggers to share guest posts on the site and vice versa is another good way of increasing traffic.

4) Including Contests and Giveaways

Doesn’t everybody love stuff when there is an opportunity to own it for free? The answer is yes and they can do so by participating in contests or giveaways with great prizes. This also causes greater back traffic by clicking a link which directs the user back to the site.

5) Developing  a WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins are not a way that everybody can easily take advantage of. But then if a person has the ability to do this, he will reap the benefits big-time. A WordPress Plugin is a set of one or more functions which are in  PHP scripting language, that adds a set of specific services or features to the weblog.

Although there are numerous other ways which could be used to build links to the site, the ones most sought by the reader are the ones which get the highest ratings.

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