link building for ecommerce sitesE-commerce sites are undoubtedly one of the hardest to draw links since e-commerce sites lack substantive content. Sometimes links are even ignored due to its commercial requirement. It takes a lot of creativity, patience and perseverance to build links in e-Commerce sites. A few ways to create links for e-commerce sites are.

Some of the methods used to create links for an e-commerce site are :

Use of a Coupon Page: This method where a customer finds approved coupons generally gets more links than the one which are offering unauthorized coupons and deals. Customers also do share these links when they have found something exclusive and worthwhile.

Stand Alone Review Pages: Unlike most of the retailers who include reviews on the product page under a tab which is not optimal for getting links, a separate review page which lists all the customer reviews would ideally attract more traffic and generate more links.

Exclusivity of the Product Page: A product page should be awesome. Unfortunately the creative element is generally overlooked which does not make the product/service appealing. A few great ideas would be to include eBooks, guides, videos, user manuals and instructographics. What would be the difference if every ecommerce site was equally appealing?

Including Contests, Giveaways and Guest postings: Including a contest, giveaway or a guest posting are tried and tested ways to generate links. Generally brands include the contest on the main product page rather than creating a temporary page for the duration for the contest. This method would benefit the main page with links without giving them a run around.

Gift registry / Wish list Pages: A common practice used by a-commerce sites is to create a login to view a gift registry or wish list page. By doing this the share ability on social media and blogs of the site is reduced which would reduce potential links. If the wish list page is displayed prominently and the link can be shared, the site would be able to benefit from links.

Approach bloggers for reviews: A Blogger is always looking out for topics to write content. A blogger or a group of them would love to be asked to do this in exchange for a free product. A good idea would be to approach bloggers who encounter high traffic and ask them for a link.

The use of Link Bait: Although not unethical, sites can use “Link Bait” a term used in the SEO world simply meaning other attractions to the site besides the main content to attract a users attention and generate more links.

Finally to sum it all up, an ecommerce site should have a very attractive product page open to reviews, contests and feedback. It should have good articles and proper “How to” instructions. It should also identify the genius of the product it is marketing and not make it look like just another one. These points would definitely help in building links for an e-commerce site. Try it out and see the results yourself!

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