make money from internetThere are lots of “how to make quick money online” tutorials on the Internet. For your information, this article is not one of them. If you are searching for a few dollars in a hurry, you can close this window. Do not waste your time reading the text below.

If you are getting some decent traffic to your website, you are probably using or planning to use advertising on your pages to make money. However, you should always be careful while you are using them; you need to obtain a reasonable ratio between your ads and your content.

Do not harm the user experience

If you are throwing ads at your visitors, forcing them to click your ads, producing accidental clicks as a strategy, or if your visitors are drowning in a pool of pop-ups and pop-unders, your website crushes the user experience into tiny little pieces.

At this point, I would like to ask something to the website developers who read this article. When you visit other web pages which you do not own, are you pleased with lots of ads, do you or do not you want to close that page directly if pop-us or pop-unders attack you? This is ironic. If you do not like these types of pages when you are a visitor, why do you make your own website like one of them?

Abandon aggressive strategies, think long-term, earn more money

It takes about 7 to 10 seconds for an average Internet user to understand the content of a web page. Do you prefer your first-time visitors leave your page even before they have a clue about your business?

Number and positioning of ads affects the user interaction with your web page. This influence is crucial for your website because user experience is crucial for online businesses. You should optimize your marketing strategy way before optimizing other things about your website.

If you start to think long-term about your goals with your web page, you will see positive changes on the number of happy visitors, on your conversions and accordingly on your earnings.

How can I earn more money by optimizing my ads?

Here, I will give you 5 reasons why you should change your philosophy about ads,

1.    Returning visitors may bring you more money: If you attack your new visitors with aggressive ads, most probably they will close your website in seconds. You will lose the possibility of them becoming returning visitors. Let people visit your website, understand your content, interact with your pages in a comfortable environment. Some percent of your first-time visitors will love your website, will share your links with their friends and perhaps will bookmark it. You will never know, maybe in their third time visit, they will see an ad on your web page and click it voluntarily.

2.    You will never know when or where your visitor will click an ad: Do not force your visitors to click on your ads, instead encourage them to visit one more page. They will leave your website with a smile on their faces, and they will not feel uncomfortable with your ads or clicking them. Maybe they will come across with an interesting ad on another page of your website.

3.    People come to your website for your content, not to see your latest ads: Your content is always more valuable than your ads. Be very careful about ad placement. You can easily waste your content between ads. Remove obstacles between your content and your visitors. Do not even publish your website if you do not care about the content.

4.    A false strategy, expecting accidental clicks: It is not legitimate business because your visitors are forced to leave against their will. They will get annoyed and will not prefer your website for the next visit. Furthermore, accidental clicks will be realized by advertising systems. For example, Google warns web developers who use AdSense on their web pages about keeping the distance between ads and navigational menus or flash-based content. If they detect invalid clicks, they will subtract the invalid amount from your payments. They also indicate if you persist in the same behaviour, they can kick you out of their system. It is a wrong strategy to rely on, not only for your visitors but also for advertising systems.

5.    Google Smart Pricing and similar systems: Lowering ads may seem like illogical at first glance. However, it is useful for everyone. For example, Google AdSense is using a system called Smart Pricing since 2004. They are rewarding websites which are sending high-quality ad clicks. If you begin to send ad clicks which turn to conversions at their destination URLs, your website may become more and more beneficial for the ad system. For this reason, your cost per clicks will become higher, and you will earn more money although you get the same amount of ad clicks. This kind of systems will be efficient and rewarding only if you start optimizing ads and reducing invalid clicks. Other advertising systems will also use more or less similar systems both for protecting their advertisers and for rewarding their successful publishers.

As a conclusion, number of ad units and positioning of them on your web pages will directly affect user experience. Optimizing the ads within your pages will reduce bounce rate, will increase the time on site, page views per visit, returning visitors and other stats for good. So try to change your philosophy right now. Do not limit yourself and your website just by putting lots of ad units on your pages. Lowering the total number of ads, changing the positioning of an even single ad unit can open you new doors, can create new opportunities.

Thanks for reading!
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