It has been a decade, since social media became a mainstream. The invention of internet and social media has made life easy for many business owners but still there is a lot of ambiguity about the real usefulness and power of social media. In this article, it is discussed about myths and truths about social media that are backed by ample finding from experts.

There is no doubt about the power of networking for business growth. A huge network supports enriched discussions, increases sales, creates positive buzz about your products and services, finds new customers and makes affluence on the bottom line. This is the reason why marketers are normally hired for so as to build a good network. As Internet arrived, all marketing professionals became familiar with all its superior capabilities and with very less time, internet marketing became the next jargon. In the 21st century, web turned into Web 2.0 with social at the heart of seething Internet revolution which was about to engulf the whole world.

In social era, Blogging was the first invention, after which social media began to explode in popularity. LinkdIn and My Space were early risers and gained prominence in early 2000’s. The sites like Flickr and Photo bucket has made photo sharing popular and this served as the basis and soon emerged social media giants like Facebook and Orkut. In 2005, Youtube made its debut, providing a new way for people to communicate and share things with each other. Today, there are many such social networking sites, impacting our lives in one way or the other. Digital marketers have found methods of utilizing these networks for gaining benefits in their businesses.

However, since the internet is an industry that is evolving rapidly, so with the changes happening every moment, there exist many Misconceptions that surround the phenomenon of social media.

Misconception 1:

There is nothing as a Social media ROI

There is no more suspicion left about the good that social networking sites can do for your business. If not enough, just the presence on social media provides connectivity and visibility which is enough to convince the big business owners to invest resources in the form of marketing. But still small and medium business organizations are still yet to be convinced with its power as they believe in the myth that social networking sites or social media does not provide any actual Return on investment (ROI), but nothing can be far from the truth. And the truth is a Social networking site inspires and leads to new customers. It is true that quantifying ROI on social media might be complicated but not impossible. Facebook provides a tool, named as conversion measurement. This tool allows the advertisers on social platform to record the behavior of those persons who click on ads. Analyzing the interactions such as the number of comments, tweets, likes and re tweets provides an accurate idea of how far your message reached. In addition, your website analytics will tell you that what percentage of your website traffic is coming from social media sites.

Misconception 2:

Social media is a 10 to 6 job

Your job description might only need you to work from 10 to 6, but social media tick- tocks round the clock there is not a specific time when your target audience will view your posts. So make it a point to get engage with the users during the off hours also. Since the explosion of smart devices, your followers have an easy access to internet 24 hours a day, so they can explore it at any time. It does not mean that you have to post round the clock. It simply means that engaging with the users besides the office timings might actually give you better results for your business.

Misconception 3:

If it is not viral, then it might not exist

Measuring the success of your efforts via viral marketing is unfair as well as incorrect. It is true that the viral campaigns are more successful, but social media is not about a big single time hit. Ideally, the success of social media be measured by the amount of goodwill and the trust that you have been able to generate over a course of time for your product or service. It is not simple to make but the campaigns that are interesting, unique and worth sharing generates value over time and campaigns attain success.

Summary: All these are the myths that are very common among most of the small and medium sized business owners. But it is necessary to come out of these myths and accept the truths of Social media.

Author Bio: Kristine is Content Writer in SEO Rank Smart. She shared here Social Media & Internet marketing experience through her writing skill.

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