mozilla firefoxMozilla Firefox is an open source and free web browser organized for OS X, Windows, and Linux. This free browser has also developed a mobile version that flexibly runs on Android. Gecko Layout Engine is utilized by this web browser to submit web folios. Mozilla abides by the modern web standards with its unique features, security and innovation.

Mozilla Firefox has an estimated 24 percent of usage share of web browsers. This estimation makes it rank third on the list of most popular and widely used web browsers worldwide. According to a survey conducted by Mozilla, more than 450 million net surfers use Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is specifically successful in Germany, Indonesia and Poland, where it holds about 47%-65% of market share.

Mozilla Firefox: Features

The features of Mozilla Firefox are many. Spell checking, tabbed browsing, incremental find, smart bookmarks, live bookmarking, private browsing, download manager, location-aware browsing (referred to as geolocation) that is initiated by Google reside at user-interface of Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is backed by a refined search system, which by default utilizes Google at most places. Functions may be inserted via various extensions, developed by third parties. Mozilla facilitates a user to install numerous extensions that are innovative and interesting.

This has even contributed to an increase in number of Firefox users. A user may enable the auto-update option, where extensions and plugins will be automatically installed. A user may even choose to select from this option through which he/she will be promoted on new release prior to installation. Firefox offers an atmosphere for internet developers in which they may utilize in-build implements. For example, DOM Inspector, Error Console or other extensions such as Firebug are facilitated by this free web browser.

Security Features of Mozilla Firefox

Sandbox Security Model is used by Mozilla Firefox, which resists scripts from accessing information and data from foreign websites focused on similar origin strategy. Firefox also uses TLS/SSL to secure communications with internet servers through powerful cryptography whilst utilizing HTTPS protocol. It also supports internet applications on use of smart cards for purpose of authentication.

Mozilla has been reviewed as the most reliable web organization in 2012. Ponemon Institute conducted this survey and over a million consumers from US participated in this survey. In 2013, it was claimed that Firefox release candidate will be resisting all cookies from third parties. This recent strategy assures that only webpages that you visit will trace you through the internet. The organization plans to execute such traits to different technologies like HTML 5 web storage.

Customizing Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox web browser enables abundant options for customization. Different add-ons are available for installation in order to add whistles and bells to Firefox. Price comparison, weather updates, listening music, altering outlook of Firefox, updating Facebook profiles are the major types of add-ons provided by Mozilla Firefox. Tool bars in Firefox like the menu bar, navigation bar, tab strip, add-on bar, bookmarks toolbar can be customized. Mozilla Firefox offers a secure web browsing experience. Security modules of Firefox are advanced providing users with a convenient and legitimate browsing experience.

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