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The economical conditions of the world are passing through a very tough and testing phase due to the meltdown effect and long persisting recession – the industries are mostly trying to cope up with these conditions by cost-cutting and outsourcing business jobs to independent contractors and workers. In such serious conditions when the need of the outsourcing is bigger than ever before, oDesk.com is providing outsourcing and freelancing opportunities for both employers and employees in all domains of the industry.

If we look at the ODesk reviews, we would be able to understand the popularity, features and quality of the services that it provides to its customers. The ODesk reviews consist of the feedback and the rating of different features and quality of the services – it is provided by the employers and the employees equally. Being as a regular contractor and an employer on oDesk for many years, I am very satisfied with the services it provides to the customers with value added features pertaining to money transfer and distribution system.

The desk offers opportunity for all types of companies to post their assignments or the job descriptions in their own respective categories. There are many popular categories to post jobs and find the most suitable contractor for the work any company is looking for – writing and translation, network and information systems, design and multimedia, business services, software development, web contents, admin support, web development, customer services, sales and marketing and many other categories. These categories are further divided into many sub categories to locate the specific contractors and specialized people accurately.

The platform is also very attractive for the contractors and the professionals to find out the most suitable jobs. These contractors can find out the jobs posted by employers in the categories that suits the expertise of contractors – a web developer can find the suitable job in the web page development categories/subcategories. oDesk offers both fixed-price and hourly jobs – oDesk takes full responsibility for payment of the work done through hourly contract. The fixed price jobs are a bit risky ones – oDesk does not take the responsibility for the payment of fixed contract payments.

There is an effective mechanism of funds transfer, account verification and customer support services – the odesk reviews suggest that it is very secure to transfer funds through oDesk. The company has also a highly professional support team that provides 24/7 live support and assistance efficiently. It has been suggested in many oDesk reviews that hourly contracts are the most suitable agreement/contracts that guarantee the payment for the work done through the application of the oDesk company.

There is only one minor drawback, as far as the comments from the contractor working on oDesk are concerned that oDesk does not set any lower limit for hourly rates – this allows many companies to exploit new contractor.

In a nutshell, oDesk is one of the most wonderful electronic outsourcing companies available on the internet.

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