facebook adsThis article talks about the ways of advertising using Facebook as a media. The functions discussed are general perspectives that need to be kept in mind while creating the advertisements. These discussions aim at improving the overall experience on Facebook.

1. Facebook Is Least Effective At Direct Sales

Facebook is more of a relation building platform with the customers. It focuses mainly on keeping a relation with existing customers and creating new ones. This kind of marketing helps in creating a list prospective clientele.

2. Create A Greater Volume Of Ads That Target Less People

Facebook does not target the audience in general. This kind of advertising is more specific and target oriented. Facebook aims at specific categories such as location, age, birthday, sex, keywords, education, workplaces, relationship, interest, language and connection.

Facebook provides 11 targeting factors for advertisers. If  these are not taken into account while advertising on Facebook then the Facebook advertising is not considered as being done properly which would make it less effective. Being specific and relevant would actually get more responses.

3. Friend Users Before You Sell To Them

Since Facebook is about making relationships. It helps to gather as many fans as possible which would make a person or fan into a potential buyer. Forcibly trying to get the person to go to the website and fill out a form would not really work and in most cases would end up in a loss of a potential fan. The aim of getting the person to become a fan and eventually fill out a form is to build long term relationships.

4. Understand Your Market

It is very important to determine the target market. The factors mentioned above can be used to effectively target the market in view. In order to satisfy the target the advertisement should be self- convincing. This target market can be fine-tuned in the due course to be able to get to the actual potential users of the product and the potential ones too.

5. Test Landing Pages Versus Facebook Pages

It is always a good idea to believe in diversity. Building a landing page is actually a good idea than getting a visitor to directly fill out a form. The visitor should be informed a little more than the actual ad where not much of the relevant information is displayed. This in turn would be a good prompt for a customer to fill out a form to get more marketing information regarding the interest shown.

6. Split Test Ads By Demographic

Another good way of advertising is making split ads for different location catering to the different tastes of people. A thorough analysis would be able to determine the requirements of the different segments of people. This would help compile the ultimate advertisement which would appeal to all sections of the society.


The main essence of the cost of advertising is patience. Advertising is all about showing and making the customer realize the importance of a product rather than asking the customer its actual use. If a customer has not used the product, it could not mean much until the customer made aware of its importance with which Facebook can help.

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