twitter ads What is Twitter?
Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging website that helps people share their views and opinions with others and connect with the things they are interested in. Twitter not only helps people connect themselves with other but also creates a dynamic platform for  sharing valuable information in the form of a tweet of 140 characters.

Anyone can read, write or share (ReTweet) messages on twitter. The messages are called Tweets that are accessible to everyone on the internet. Again there are followers who can follow a particular person/business/company/thing and tweets on their Twitter timeline. Timeline consists of a feed from all accounts that a person has subscribed (followed) to.

You can access Twitter via your laptops or computers or your smartphone. Twitter is simple, Twitter is easy. Hence Twitter does make a lot of sense when it comes to online advertisement and it can be considered as a powerful tool for advertising. You can access 500 million active users of Twitter via Twitter ads.

How does Twitter Advertising work?
In April 2010, Twitter announced its plans to offer paid advertising facility to the companies. Businesses can purchase “Promoted tweets” that show up in Twitter search results.
Twitter Advertising has elements of cost per click, display and social media ads all consisting of 140 characters or less.

Twitter has three Advertising products:

1. Promoted Tweets:
Promoted tweets, as the name suggests, are used for promoting messages that become highlighted and get exposed to many tweeters. Promoted tweets appear in timeline along with the non-paid tweets.

2. Promoted Accounts:
Featured in the Who to Follow section and Twitter search results . Twitter accounts can enroll them in the Promoted Accounts plan. Promoted accounts give a business on Twitter more exposure tat helps them to build up more followers on Twitter.

3. Promoted Trends:
Trends are hash tag words that are trending in a specific place. They are usually featured next to the user’s timeline on Twitter.

Promoted Trends tend to show up along with organic trends that are featuring already; they are usually customized according to the location of users. Promoted Trends are beneficial for building a mass awareness for certain locations before a product/event is launched/organised.

Now that the basics are clear and specifics have been dealt with, all you need to do now is click ‘Get Started’ button; you’re ready to go!

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