search engine friendly sef urlWhat is a SEF?

97654632- Did you understand that? No. It meant “The description of an SEF”. Likewise a Search engine friendly (SEF) URL is nothing but human-readable and understandable. These clean URLs make proper reading sense to both humans and the search engines by pointing to the particular page.

How to Create Search Engine Friendly URLs

Having properly formatted URLs (filenames for pages on your website) will help search engines such as Google crawl your site more efficiently and will help visitors understand the content within the site.

Some good practices for creating SEF’s

1) Use of relative keywords:

It is good to ensure that the keywords which are used in the URL are relative to the website that content that users are using as keywords. It is good to know that a clothes shop is clothes.html rather than 659263ug67.html. Sounds awkward doesn’t it. On the other hand which one would be easier to remember? The choice is yours.

If the website has created the URL’s dynamically, make sure they are rewritten when they are posted to the server.

2) Use multiple keywords.

It’s good to be as descriptive as possible (of course with minimum number of words) while creating a URL which is relevant.

    An Example:

3) Separate words with a dash. In the domain name it’s always good to use a dash ( – ) rather than an Underscore ( _ ). The search engines like it that way.

    For example:



4) Create a simple directory structure. It is always good to have a flat and wide structure for the website rather than a narrow and deep structure. The crawlers have to dig deep into the structure and would not be able index the site efficiently.

If the above mentioned steps are followed, it will help in creating relatively Search Engine Friendly websites. Following these simple steps when planning and creating your website URLs will help the search engines crawl your site easier and will help your users better understand what content the page contains.

Benefits of using a search engine friendly website URL

  1. The rankings are better since the keyword is visible in a URL that is search engine friendly.
  2. A URL which is well defined and has the appropriate keywords will definitely get the desired results.

On the other hand, a not so properly structured website URL will not give the expected results. It will just rather confuse the crawlers to the website and lose its visibility. Therefore, keeping future trends in mind the pace must be set.

Some good trends are:

  1. The site should have a good structure.
  2. The content should be well organized. Unorganized content does not produce desired results. This would help the user easily navigate through the site with ease.
  3. The Structure of the URL should be based on the content structure so that a flow can be created and it is directly relevant.
  4. As always iterated, the KISS (Keep it short and Simple) method is always the best for a URL name.

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