title and description meta tagsMeta tags are considered a very important part of a web page HTML code. These are not an actual part of the content of the web pages. These comprise the concise summary about the web page content and should have relevant keywords included. Meta tags should be included within the websites header. The four most important tags are the title, the description, the keywords and the robot tags.

How to optimize meta tags?

The meta tags should include key information which describes the nature of the website in relation to its content.  The length of the words included and the order in the Meta tags should be considered carefully. Since the search engine robots always read from the left to right, the first words are considered the most.

Title tag

The title is considered as the most important factor for a SEO of the website. This is generally located in the <head> section which is above the Description tag. This provides the summary of the website and appears on the search engine result page. The title tag should be about 10 to 60 characters long otherwise the search engines tend to skip the extra part.

Meta Description tag

The description tag is the part which contains the description about the contents of the website. This description should be short and crisp with the ability to speak volumes in short sentences. The length should be around 200 characters and this tag plays a very important role while optimizing the SEO of a webpage. This tag helps a visitor distinguish the website from the others on a search result page.

Meta Keywords tag

In recent history, the keyword tag has become the tag of least importance  for the search engines. This tag just helps in reinforcing the keywords. It helps the SEO process if it follows the rules properly. This tag should contain between 4 to 10 keywords separated by commas which correspond to the major targeted key phrases.  These words should reflect in the content in the body section of the website and should not be used more than twice otherwise it is considered as spam.

Meta Robots tag

These tags are of 4 types. This tag helps in specifying the way the website needs to be crawled.

Index, Follow –  This tag instructs the crawlers to start indexing from the main page and then continue onto the rest of the pages.

Index, NoFollow – This tag instructs the crawlers to start indexing from the main page and then not to continue onto the rest of the pages.

NoIndex, Follow – This tag instructs the crawlers to skip the main page and continue to crawl the rest of the pages.

NoIndex, NoFollow – This tag instructs the crawlers to skip crawling all the pages which means the website will not be crawled and indexed by the search engines.

How to edit meta tags?

The file which contains the HTML code for meta tags will need to be edited. In most content management systems these tags take place in header part. Also in modern CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. there are places to specify different meta tags for different post, pages or articles.

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