randomainer.com What’s in a name? Looking for cool names for your new website or mobile application? Go to Randomainer.com to look for the available domain names for your website. The service is solely dedicated to help people look for the best name for their website. It generates results in a matter of seconds and lets you select any name from the available list. Some of the features of this website include :

Easy search options
You can look for an available website name in many ways. The default domain name in the each option is .com. you can however change it to any from the list like, .biz, .info, .org, .it and so on. You can also get country or area specific options like .org.uk, .in, .eu, .asia and many more.
Once you type in a keyword, click on the generate domains button to view the search results. You can also click on the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button to generate a set of random results.

Website interface
The homepage is designed in a simple yet striking manner. There is not too much of cluttering on the homepage and the idea any viewer get is that, it is neat and crisp. The grey, blue and black colour combination gives the website a prominent look.

Results generation
The results are displayed within seconds, using the user inputs. The site displays the number of results generated too. If you are still unsatisfied, you can click on the blue button at the bottom of the results to generate more.
A list of premium domain names are also shown in the results, if you are interested in selected these.
Once you click on a domain name you like, you are directed to another page, where the price listing of your selected domain name is shown, along with the prices of similar domains.

Useful links
There are many useful links on the results page, from where you can get to websites that will help you set up your website name if available. Also, the cost of your domain name is shown. Also, links to help you build your own website also available on the page. Additionally  helpful links of web hosting sites are available. These links are provided so that the process of building and establishing your website or application becomes faster and easier.

Domain name contest
A unique feature of this website is that you can actually hold contests to help you come out with the best domain name for your website. First you need to create and account and login. Then you need to post a description of your proposed website so that users can come up with interesting names for your website. You then receive entries from the users, you can then even post feedback on the entries received. Finally you get to decide the winner. This option on Randomainer.com allows you to get many interesting names and have a larger database of domain names to select from. Also, benefits for the participants like collecting reward points is something that attracts domain name seekers to this website.

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