Reputation ProtectionProtecting the reputation of a business is always important. Every company needs to have a positive brand and image. This is based on the trust that customers and others have in the business.

Unfortunately, even a company with a great reputation can easily find itself negatively impacted by just one or two less-than-flattering comments.

Online Transparency

Thanks to the Internet, companies are more at risk now than ever. The Internet has made it possible for even a typical consumer to do background research on a company before making a decision to do business with it.

Negative comments from past customers and/or the media can remain online forever. This means the company’s reputation – a reputation that may have taken years to build – can potentially be damaged for the long-term.

Every business should routinely check to see what online information is available about the company. In addition, the risk of negative information should be evaluated. Based on the evaluation, a plan to protect the brand and overall business reputation should be developed and put into practice.

Customer Service Strategies

One way to compensate for negative customer feedback is to take advantage of it in a public way. For example, rather than trying to cover it up, a business can make a public apology and commit to new changes that are guaranteed to make huge improvements for all concerned. This demonstrates a caring attitude that is sure to appeal to most people.

When a company truly works to put the customer first, everyone wins. The customer becomes loyal and provides word of mouth promotion, and the company grows. In addition, the company can honestly make statements about the situation and how it was resolved.

Reputation Management is Proactive

Being proactive in the protection of a brand reputation is essential. This means business decisions should be thoroughly thought through before they are finalized. This can be especially true during times when the media will be involved. It must be remembered that every decision and related decision, past and present, will be scrutinized.

This fact can mean that topics that once seemed irrelevant may suddenly gain much attention. Unfortunately, the attention they receive may not be positive.

Reputation management is more than just an after-thought. From the beginning, it is something that should be a part of every aspect of the business.

Adding Positives

The easiest way for businesses to ensure that positive information is added online about them is to either add the content themselves or to work with quality companies like, who offer these services.

The idea is to add press releases, articles, and blog posts that describe what is happening at the company and other positive things related to the business.

Because social networking sites rank very high in search engines, they can also be helpful in burying negative comments found online. Businesses should have accounts at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social media sites.

As more positive content is added about a company, the negative information will be moved farther and farther down in the search listings. In other words, more and more positive content begins showing up when people do searches for the company’s name.

Since most people do not look past the second or third page of search results, the negative content will soon be “buried,” and the brand’s reputation is essentially protected.

If your business has experience with reputation management, why not share some ideas with others?

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