search engine optimizationWhen I heard of the word “SEO” for the first time, it was like a rocket science thing to me. Do you know, I am a chemical engineering graduate, so it is not a far away field for me actually. I mean rocket science 🙂

Now, after so many years as an IT company executive, I suppose, I have much knowledge and experience in this field. However, for beginners, for newcomers, it is still like a rocket science thing, right?

I was about to write a simple article to explain “search engine optimization for beginners”, then I remembered this video I watched earlier. I found it on YouTube and embed here for you to watch.

Our friends at Search Engine Land and Common Craft prepared this wonderful piece of art. Cheers to them 🙂 I suggest all beginners to watch this video before starting to read any articles on our blog.

Search Engine Optimization Video

Thanks for reading!
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