seo mortal kombatWhat is it?

Black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  and White hat SEO are two methods of promoting a website for SEO links. The difference is that White hat SEO is ethical and Black hat is unethical.

Web Spiders – What are they?

A Web spider also called a robot or a crawler, is actually just a well-designed program that crawls through all the links on the internet constantly trying to grab content from sites and index them.

They are also programmed to spot the differences between Black hat SEO’s and White hat SEO’s which we will be discussing below in this article.

Black hat SEO is also commonly known as spamming. Black hat SEO follows false practices to promote a websites traffic whether it is relevant or not. The results derived are quick and maybe very short lived.

The different techniques used by Black hat SEO are,

  1. The use of various keywords in a web page to increase the density of keywords of a web page. This would enable web crawlers also known as web spiders to crawl them for specific keywords.
  2. The use of extra keywords in the Meta tags which increase the relevancy resulting in high traffic.

Black Hat SEO is mainly aimed at getting high traffic and high ratings by the search engines. If these highly rated sites are analyzed by any chance, it may lead to the crashing of the site.

White Hat SEO on the other hand plays by the rules, by using the right and fair means to improve the ranking of a website in the result pages of a search engine. This kind of SEO shows results over a period of time. The results are appropriate and long lasting. White Hat SEO’s do generally get more hits in the long run as compared to the Black Hat SEO’s since it is done tactfully by using fair means.

Ever Heard of Gray Hat SEO?  This is another technique that is used to gain traffic. Although this method doesn’t go against the rules, but there is a risk of getting caught. It’s like driving just over the speed limit and running the risk of being pulled over by the cops.

Some comparisons between the two are :

Meta Tags

Black Hat SEO: The method of including the keywords in the meta tags also known as Stuffing is used.

White Hat SEO: This SEO method follows a fair practice by using only a well-researched key phrase in the Meta tag that represents the page.


Black Hat SEO: This method indulges in inserting hidden words in the text for getting extra hits and traffic leading to a lot of irrelevant traffic.

White Hat SEO: Content which is written well would automatically get the exposure it requires by using well researched keywords. This kind of SEO technique is always effective.


Black Hat SEO: This SEO uses the concept of exchanging links with other sites to increase the site’s PR. This is also popularly known as Link Farming.

White Hat SEO: The SEO uses the method of linking to the site within the quality content and getting quality inbound links.

It is always the good and the truth that pays in the long run compared to the quick and unethical. There is no charm in getting great rankings and then running the risk of getting shut down, resulting in a complete waste of effort and links.

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