making-money-from-clickbankSetting up a ClickBank account is straightforward and easy.  Within the time it takes to do a load of laundry, you could have your ClickBank affiliate id and earning commissions with these five easy steps.

Step 1:  Secure a ClickBank affiliate id.
This process is as straightforward as it seems.  No charges or hidden fees.  Once you set up your ClickBank affiliate id, keep offline records of your id and password. You may like to Click here and fill out the sign up form.

Step 2:  Go ahead and upload your preferred payment means.
When you start making money, you need to signup for which way you would like the money delivered to you.  Get this out of the way before going on to any of the other steps so you can make money quicker.

Step 3:  Select a product with a promotional page.
This is the most important step of the process. Beware!  You could spend all day browsing products.  To avoid getting lost in so many products, the best way to approach this is to choose an area or niche you know something about.  You also want to know something about the audience the product targets; such as, where they most frequent the web and what kinds of things they regularly purchase.

There is at least one area you are familiar with where you already know this information, so don’t get bogged down in trying to do complicated research on a niche you are not familiar with.  The key to make money when you first start is to keep it simple and follow the formula.

What you are looking for in a promotional page is something that compels you personally to buy.  If it is a product you would personally purchase based on the promotional page and based on the content of the product then that is a good place to start.  Many people do not do this and will sell anything.  If you ever choose to do video marketing or other public relations types of selling, you want to make sure that all of the products that you market meet your stamp of approval.  You are building a reputation and that needs to be protected with quality products and professional advertising.

Step 4:  Purchase a domain for the promotional page.
When you choose your product, your ClickBank affiliate id will be automatically embedded in the product page.  The next step is to turn the promotional page into a personalized website.  Purchasing a domain name gives off the image that you own the product and that it is a professional product.  Using the ClickBank generated link looks long and complicated and will not show up on search engines.

You can purchase domain names at a very cheap rate.  Simply take the ClickBank generated web address and attach your new domain name to it.

Step 5:  Advertise and draw traffic.
Once you have setup and secured your ClickBank affiliate id, the key to making money immediately is in your advertising.  You cannot depend on search engine traffic to generate enough sales for you.  You will also need to use article marketing, video marketing, or social media to drive traffic to your promotional page.

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