Exclusive Interview: Maddy Osman – The Blogsmith, Blogging and Growing Sales With Content Marketing

We talked about blogging, content marketing, search engines, web design, freelancing, creativity, The Blogsmith, and her projects with Maddy Osman. Our guest today is Maddy Osman from Denver, CO, USA. She is the Founder of The Blogsmith. She helps businesses [...]

5 Ways to Come Up with Unique and Original Topics for Your Blog

If you want people to read your blog instead of the blogs of your competitors, you need to come up with new and fabulous things to blog about that are unique to you. It’s okay if that makes you hyperventilate [...]

Infographic: Why Blogging Matters?

Have you ever wondered some of the reasons that make blogging really matter? If you did not get to any conclusions this interesting infographic will help you understand some real and solid reasons to why blogging matters. Thanks to Incion.com, [...]

Using Your Blog to Repair Your Less-than-Stellar Reputation

Why do bad things happen to good people? You're an upstanding citizen, a successful business owner, and/or a respected member of your geographical community. But your reputation in the online community is not as highly regarded. Maybe there have been [...]