Video: Don’t Punish Everyone for One Person’s Mistake!

It is important not to act under anger whenever bad things happen to you. This interesting and very realistic video shows that wise people do not act while angry and frustrated at one person’s mistake. Unfortunately there is always a [...]

Video: Why You Need To Fail

Majority of successful individuals at the present are overly concerned with their achievements and reputation. Most of all, they do not want to fail in anyway. Doing so will only ruin their hard earned reputation. Of course, if you will [...]

Video: First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Leadership is portrayed in various ways and if you want a simple way to see how leadership works, the video revealed the simplicity of starting a movement, which is in other words, leadership. The video is all about leadership in [...]

Video: I Miss The Mob

In the video, it is all about remembering what your main objectives are and why you are doing it without undergoing a lot of analysis.  Once attending a conference in Las Vegas led to a conversation with a taxi driver. [...]

Video: Start Now. No Funding Needed

In the following video, Derek has tried to illustrate the fact that almost every person, including you might have a lot of ideas in mind, but what holds you back are the need for funding. Individuals cannot move unless they [...]

Video: Obvious to You. Amazing to Others

In this wonderful video Derek tells us that basically all artists and creators share some common things. Creators experience the joys and wonders of various works that are highly creative and innovative in nature. If you happen to have a [...]

Video: A Real Person, A Lot Like You!

The video actually showcases two scenarios on how people deal with others online in inappropriate ways. In the first scenario, it is all about Sarah, an owner of a small online business that she managed for 12 years in the [...]

Video: If It’s Not A Hit, Switch!

Hi everyone! From today onward, I will be reviewing some of the coolest videos by Derek Sivers! Hope you will enjoy this series. Video: If It’s Not A Hit, Switch In the video, it shows that you can achieve success as long as [...]

Case Study: & Derek Sivers

I am fortunate enough to know Derek Sivers. Like 1 year ago, I watched "Uncommon Sense". Then I just wanted to thank him for sharing these wonderful ideas. For anyone who has entrepreneur mindset, it is great to see that [...]