New Pricing For User Favorite Serpstat

Serpstat Changes Pricing and Closes the Basic Plan A for $19 The full review of this an all-in-one SEO service you can read here. Serpstat is developing, adding new search bases and opportunities to provide customers with the best service. [...]

Why Content Is Important For Good SEO

A great article is one that attracts enough traffic to a blog, website or webpage and targets potential clients to buy a company's product or service. It's common to have a great article that is well written by any judgment, [...]

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Proper Use of Title and Description Meta Tags

Meta tags are considered a very important part of a web page HTML code. These are not an actual part of the content of the web pages. These comprise the concise summary about the web page content and should have [...]

Google Does Not Care About Your Keywords Meta Tag

Google does not use the “Keywords” meta tag for its web ranking. Matt Cutt, Software engineer at Google, has explained in the embedded video below that this keyword was used a lot for spamming purposes. He also went ahead in [...]

Google Webmaster Tools for Dummies

Google Webmaster Tools These are tools provided by Google for the webmaster to check the index status and to optimize the visibility of the site. These tools are free to use. There are a lot of ways in which traffic [...]