Infographic: Pinterest and Its Power!

Back in 2010 some successful businessmen created Pinterest, a site that shows the nicest pictures and has people pin them as they like! The site later became a very useful tool for businesses and other marketing purposes. The site has [...]

Infographic: The Top 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business

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Case Study: Founder Ben Silbermann Talks About

Photo albums have been used by the people globally, for years, to organize their photo collections. Now, with the emergence of digital cameras and mobile phones, need for a digital photo organizer arose and Ben Silbermann along with Paul Sciarra [...]

How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a much-loved and user-friendly site that thousands of people visit everyday. Hence promoting your business using Pinterest is worth your time and effort. The name of the site perfectly describes the concept behind Pinterest. The profile format is [...]