6 Search Engine Optimization Jokes That Will Make Any SEO Laugh [Comic]

This post was originally published on the SkilledUp blog. Working in SEO can sometimes be frustrating and humorless. Google might not always answer your prayers and the guy with inferior content might edge ahead of you in the rankings by [...]

Fitting an SEO Expert into Your Business Budget

Marketing has changed. Not only does your business need to pay for all the traditional avenues of marketing, an effective online presence carries its own cost of doing business. Website hosting, domain registrations, website management, and online customer service management [...]

Infographic: Why Content is Required for SEO?

Major search engines aims to provide the ideal user experience, which simply means that websites that offer good quality and informational content will get the most visibility. By investing on original and high quality content is important to SEO success [...]

Infographic: Development of SEO Throughout the Past Years

If you are wondering how SEO started, it actually covered years of improvements and discoveries that made it what it is today. It all started back in 1998 in which the discovery of business structures based wholly on organic search [...]

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest is a social networking site which has been started with a unique concept and become one of the most popular one in a very short time. Pinterest has proven record that it helps website publishers to drive more traffic [...]

How to Manage Your Community on Google+

Google+ is a social media website which if used properly can be a very effective social media tool and can generate results as required. If a share of the time that is put into other networking sites can be put [...]

Google Does Not Care About Your Keywords Meta Tag

Google does not use the “Keywords” meta tag for its web ranking. Matt Cutt, Software engineer at Google, has explained in the embedded video below that this keyword was used a lot for spamming purposes. He also went ahead in [...]

Video: Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

When I heard of the word "SEO" for the first time, it was like a rocket science thing to me. Do you know, I am a chemical engineering graduate, so it is not a far away field for me actually. [...]

SEMrush: The Best Tool For SEM & SEO