New Pricing For User Favorite Serpstat

Serpstat Changes Pricing and Closes the Basic Plan A for $19 The full review of this an all-in-one SEO service you can read here. Serpstat is developing, adding new search bases and opportunities to provide customers with the best service. [...]

Exclusive Interview: Maddy Osman – The Blogsmith, Blogging and Growing Sales With Content Marketing

We talked about blogging, content marketing, search engines, web design, freelancing, creativity, The Blogsmith, and her projects with Maddy Osman. Our guest today is Maddy Osman from Denver, CO, USA. She is the Founder of The Blogsmith. She helps businesses [...]

Fitting an SEO Expert into Your Business Budget

Marketing has changed. Not only does your business need to pay for all the traditional avenues of marketing, an effective online presence carries its own cost of doing business. Website hosting, domain registrations, website management, and online customer service management [...]

How to Measure Success in a PPC Campaign

Starting an online business is not an easy task; a businessman has to work very hard to run his business successfully. Either the business is big or small; there is always a risk of loss. When a person has invested [...]

Proper Use of Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs

What is a SEF? 97654632- Did you understand that? No. It meant “The description of an SEF”. Likewise a Search engine friendly (SEF) URL is nothing but human-readable and understandable. These clean URLs make proper reading sense to both humans [...]

How to Use Canonical Tag to Avoid Duplicate Content

This article will talk about the use of a canonical tag. Before we know how to use a canonical tag, it is very important that we understand what it is. What is the canonical tag? This is an html attribute [...]

How to Build High Quality Backlinks

Backlink is a link that directs a user from one website to another website. Web owners get the help of backlinks to increase the traffic of their website. Backlinks are also called as inbound links and another word is used [...]

Eternal SEO Weapon: Good User Experience

Whether you are writing articles for your blog or creating content for your website, you are providing a service for your audience. For this reason, keeping and increasing the quality of your service should be your first priority. However, majority [...]