Video: Common SEO Mistakes

Maile Ohye, one of the lead developers at Google discussed in one of her videos common SEO mistakes that webmasters can make with their sites. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is something that webmasters place great value in because it [...]

Driving Traffic To Your Site Without Spending A Fortune

It's not a big secret that e-commerce plays a big role in helping today's businesses turn a profit. Unfortunately, in order to succeed at e-commerce, you need to drive traffic to your online store. But in order to get that [...]

Local SEO Tips For Local Business Websites

Ever since businesses learned that they can have their own websites and that they can use this to market and leverage their business, a large number of them have been trying to fully utilize what the Internet and their websites [...]

6 Search Engine Optimization Jokes That Will Make Any SEO Laugh [Comic]

This post was originally published on the SkilledUp blog. Working in SEO can sometimes be frustrating and humorless. Google might not always answer your prayers and the guy with inferior content might edge ahead of you in the rankings by [...]

How To Choose The Right Company To Design Your Website?

When it comes to finding the right company to design and build your website is like a mined field, do you go for price before quality or design before price? In the UK alone there must be thousands of companies to [...]

Video: Page Speed in Rankings

Webmasters are always looking for ways to improve their rankings on search engines. While there are many positive steps that can be taken to improve ranking, it is also important to take a look at what kind of things have [...]

Are You Spending Enough on Marketing? How to Tell

If you're in business, you're in competition - competition with your rivals and competition with the cluttered noise of a billion different salesman screaming on the Internet. Your online marketing strategy can do more to propel your company forward than [...]

Fitting an SEO Expert into Your Business Budget

Marketing has changed. Not only does your business need to pay for all the traditional avenues of marketing, an effective online presence carries its own cost of doing business. Website hosting, domain registrations, website management, and online customer service management [...]

Top Ten SEO Techniques to Improve YouTube Rankings

While there are a number of different websites around that allow users to upload their own content, YouTube is easily the most recognized and thus the most popular. According to YouTube statistics, every minute there is literally hundreds of hours [...]

Video: Changes in Google Searches and AdSense

Managing a website is no easy task. Not only do webmasters have to concern themselves with the content of their site and making sure that everything is running, but they also need to consider where they are placed in Google [...]

Video: Google Hummingbird

In order for a website to become popular it is important to understand how search engines work. Most visitors are going to come to a website because they were directed from a search engine. With Google being one of the [...]

Video: Web Pages That Provide No Added Value

One of the most frustrating things that some users might experience when searching for something is getting a page that seemingly has information, but then when the user actually goes to it the page is just an ad for another [...]

Video: How Does Google Treat Hidden Content Which Becomes Visible When Clicking Button?

People often worry about how Google treat buttons that show hidden content on web pages. On example of this kind of button, for those who did not understand, are those buttons in purchasing sites that reveal more information about a [...]

Video: How Does Required Duplicate Contents (Terms and Conditions etc.) Affect Search?

Several sites all over the web need to have certain content put on their sites. This happens especially for people who have pages that offer services, provide medicines and also that offer the public law related support. These sites often [...]

Video: Should People Link Several Different Domains Together?

Many people have several different domains and would like to know whether they should or not link them all together. In fact, most people have absolutely no use for so many domains, however some sites such as casinos, medical companies [...]

Video: Bad Links Notice Does Not Show Any Examples

People sometimes are unlucky enough to get notices saying that their web page links are bad and that they should be removed. Although Google might send you such notice, it often does not show any examples of what bad links [...]

Infographic: Most Effective WordPress SEO Tips for Small Business Websites

WordPress and SEO also have their own secrets. Do not worry, these secrets are not hard to understand! Thanks to this interesting and extremely informative infographic brought to us by Rightway Solution, we can easily understand some of the main [...]

How to Check SEO Keyword Competition

Keywords are used to attract customers from various sites through backlinks. It is obvious that all businesses must be using their own keywords to increase the traffic to their website, there arises keyword competition among the competitors. Main reasons behind [...]

Case Study: How to Identify and Get Rid of Negative SEO

Many people are talking about negative SEO now-a-days though this is not actually a new thing. Negative SEO badly affects the ranking of a website instead of doing what normal SEO does. Negative SEO can be considered as a new online [...]

Infographic: Black Hat Vs White Hat

This infographic will help you understand more about the two common SEO tactics used in the SEO world today. First of all let’s clarify once again what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means keywords related to [...]

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