Video: Googlebot and Valid HTML

Matt, from the YouTube channel GoogleWebMasterHelp, has created a number of useful videos that both new and old web developers can benefit from hearing. One of his more recent videos from the end of September is designed to address a [...]

1-Hour Course: SEO and WordPress Tips for Bloggers

Matt Cutts from Google released an incredibly useful video for new bloggers which focuses largely on WordPress and what bloggers can do in order to ensure that they have a high ranking on Google. One of the first things that [...]

Video: Using Responsive Themes

Lisa from 2 Create a Website has used her YouTube channel to educate many web designers on not only how to create a successful website, but also how to use AdSense in order for that website to generate revenue. Most [...]

1-Hour Course: The Ease of Making a Blog

Blogging has become incredibly popular online, with blogs existing for both personal use as well as for businesses to use to advertise their company. For businesses creating a blog is a fairly simple process, since businesses will have the resources [...]

Video: Search Changes in Google and Facebook

Google has been the dominant search engine for many years, so any changes to the Google search algorithm is going to draw attention from webmasters. Being ranked high in search engines is critical for any webmasters because the higher the [...]

Video: Changes in Google Searches and AdSense

Managing a website is no easy task. Not only do webmasters have to concern themselves with the content of their site and making sure that everything is running, but they also need to consider where they are placed in Google [...]

Video: Google Hummingbird

In order for a website to become popular it is important to understand how search engines work. Most visitors are going to come to a website because they were directed from a search engine. With Google being one of the [...]

Video: Web Pages That Provide No Added Value

One of the most frustrating things that some users might experience when searching for something is getting a page that seemingly has information, but then when the user actually goes to it the page is just an ad for another [...]

Video: AddThis Smart Layers

If you are looking for a great tool to increase the user experience of your website then AddThis smart layers is the right tool for you. AddThis smart layers is a tool that will truly add traffic, engagement and fans [...]

Video: Does Nofollow Link Hurt a Site’s Ranking?

Google Webmaster Help released a very interesting video that will help you understand a little bit more regarding nofollow links. People wonder if nofollow links would end up hurting the reputation of the website before Google. The true answer for [...]