Top 7 Plugins for Creating Backup of Your WordPress Site

There are thousands of things that could go wrong with your WordPress site or blog, and not all of them are preventable. What you can do is arm yourself and preserve your data by creating backups. Backup plugins are exactly-what-they-say-on-the-tin. [...]

How to Insert JavaScript into WordPress Pages and Posts?

WordPress comes with the ability to block the insertion of scripts into the content of your website directly. While some developers or website owners find this perturbing, it is not any development or design flaw. It is merely a security [...]

How to get instant feedback on your WordPress posts?

Writing a blog may not be a tough task for a lot of people, but attracting readers to comment on your blog may be. When you write a blog or an article you put your all efforts that readers like [...]

Drag And Drop WordPress Themes For Beginners

Wordpress is a user friendly platform, especially for a beginner. There are themes that one can easily manage and customize without the need of learning the technical side of website theme building. Whether you are a pro or just beginning [...]

CSS Hero Review

Let's say you downloaded a free WordPress theme or bought a premium one from Template Monster, ThemeForest or another template shop. Next step is to customize the theme to your needs. There are different ways to edit your theme. First and foremost [...]

The 12 Hour, $50 Guide To Getting Your Business Online

Want to get your business online quickly and cheaply? You're not alone! This is why we've put together a quick and dirty guide to getting online as fast as possible while not spending a lot of money in the process. [...]

1-Hour Course: How to Make a WordPress Website

Have you ever wondered that you would be able to have a fun and entertaining video teach you how to make a step by step WordPress website? It has never been this easy before and now in our new blog [...]

WordPress or Blogger: Which is the better choice?

For every new blogger, this is an inevitable dilemma; which of the two biggest blog hosting websites to pick? Wordpress and Blogger are both very good at what they do, but subtle differences make blogosphere split in two poles. These [...]

Discussing An Overview

The Disqus comment system is being noticed in various websites and the reach of the commenting platform is expanding day by day. It forms a sort of community within a community, in the sense that the websites have their own [...]

Integrating Google Adsense Into WordPress

Google Adsense and WordPress Google Adsense is a way to make money online using your website or blog. If you apply to Google Adsense and you are accepted, then Google allows you to post advertisements on your website or blog. [...]

Tips to Ensure WordPress Site Security

What started as a rather simple piece of blogging software has really taken the world by storm. In its earlier days, Wordpress was created to help people blog and share their opinions with the world. Its simple and intuitive design [...]

Case Study: Founder Matt Mullenweg Talks About WordPress

WordPress is a tool that allow users to create websites and blogs free of cost. WordPress’s developers claim that it is a priceless tool not only for tech savvy people out there but also for the non-technical blokes. WordPress started [...]

Which CMS: Joomla, Drupal or WordPress?

In order to build a high end website, open source CMS platforms are becoming greatly popular these days. Since there are a number CMS software programs available on the web, many web publishers find it quite difficult to decide which [...]

Which CMS is Best for eCommerce Site

CMS is Content Management System which helps a web owner in editing the content of his website. There are many advantages of CMS like the web owner can edit the text or images of his website by his own without [...]

Which CMS is Best for Small Business

CMS is abbreviation of Content Management System. It is a computer program which enables the publishing, changing, deleting and managing content in a webpage or website. CMS presents the content on the websites. With the help of this program, a [...]

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