benefits of guest bloggingThe benefits of guest blogging for your blog are many. Both the blog owners and the guest bloggers get benefits from guest blogging and today I will highlight some of the most prominent benefits of guest blogging for your blog.

Benefits of guest blogging for your blog when you are a blog owner:

Free guest posts – Once you start allowing guest posts on your blog, you will have lots of related guest posts from interested visitors, and it will help you to develop a content rich blog very quickly. Set some moderate guidelines to get effective, relative and quality guest posts.

More traffic and more publicity – Every guest blogger is a source of potential traffics. The traffic generated from their recommendation will have less bounce rate and provide you with opportunity to gain more and more guest bloggers every day.

Get higher ranks in SEO – One of the major benefits of guest blogging for your blog is that the guest bloggers unintentionally use a lot of seed keywords that are relative and very effective to increase your search engine ranking.

Your workload will lessen – The tension of producing high quality contents on regular basis will be solved to a great extent if you allow guest blogging on your blog. Thus you can save time and utilize it to do other additional tasks.

Compare your writing with others – Being a good writer doesn’t mean that you cannot take inspiration from other people’s writing. Compare the styles and contents of your guest bloggers with your own writing. Appreciate their writing and try to follow their best practices while you write. It will definitely help you to hone your writing skill even further.

Benefits of guest blogging on your blog when you are a guest blogger

Hits for your blog – When you are a guest blogger on other blogs, you will be able to drive a lot of visitors to your own blog who are actually interested in your targeted niche. Regular and engaging traffics are really important for the sound growth of your blog.

Traffic via backlinks – Each guest blog post you make will have one or more backlinks of your own blog and thus the visibility of your personal blog on Google will be increased.

Publicity on Social media networks – Nowadays you would barely find a popular blog without the social media sharing options. This is one of the many benefits of guest blogging on your blog; because each time the guest post you write is shared, there is a chance that someone may visit your blog as well and share your posts on social networks.

Branding via the popular blogs – Guest blogging on popular blogs brings about the opportunity of getting wide exposure.

Relationship building – Guest blogging is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and know about their works. You may gather exciting ideas and effective tips from successful bloggers when you write as a guest blogger on their blog. You can discuss, exchange and innovate new ideas through guest blogging.

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Also you might want to listen the opinions of Matt Cutts (Head of Google Web Spam Team) on this matter. If so, you can watch the video below.

Video – Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging

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