dofollow and nofollow backlinksBacklinking to a website using SEO techniques can be done by using two kinds of backlinks: DoFollow or NoFollow

DoFollow Links: What are these?

This is a hyperlink which is able to communicate by instructing the search engines to pass on the page rank influence to the outbound link. If these links are used then the search engines consider and count them as a backlink for the site and gain some ranking for the site.

NoFollow Links : What are these?

These kind of links are exactly the opposite. This kind of hyperlink removes the possibility to pass the link juice influence to the outbound link.

How do these links work?

If the blog or the website are being optimized for the search engines, then the maximum number of links pointing to the website would be required. “DoFollow” and “NoFollow” are the two major things affecting the SEO ranking.

One of the most important strategies for any internet marketer is building backlinks. Since all the links are not equally valuable and some absolutely redundant, many blogs and forums add the NoFollow attribute to their outbound links to discourage spamming of the site with irrelevant links.

A dofollow link generally looks something like:

<a href="">Link</a>

In a NoFollow link, the rel value is set to ”nofollow” in the tag:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Link</a>

If the user wants to make all the links on a page “nofollow”, then the meta “robots” tag can be used in the head section:

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow"/>

Google developed this “nofollow” attribute in 2005 to fight link spam in the comment section of blogs. It is designed to help webmasters to do away with unwanted links that are not related to the site. This in turn made the Google search engine more efficient and generate a better quality of search results.

Search engines consider every link as a ranking. A link generated from a site with a high page rank is given more weightage than a site with a low rank. These nofollow links in simple terms instruct the spider not to crawl the site and make any irrelevant links.

Some study does say that the nofollow links still do pass on a very small amount of links. It seems like they do pass a very small amount of link juice which are as good as nothing.

DoFollow vs NoFollow Links – Why both links are good for your website

Both these kinds of links are good because they generate traffic. Traffic is the key to success to any online website, think your visitors like people at a small store where some are just future potential buyers, some are genuine buyers and some just pass by without knowing what the store has in stock. Hence, we can say that no matter how the links are generated, by fair means, it is always good that the traffic stays as relevant as possible so that the actual remedies can be made to correct the situation.

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